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Bathroom Remodel In Cheviot Hills, California By A-List Builders

In this video, we showcase Linda Levy, a Cheviot Hills, California resident who was interested in having two bathrooms remodeled in her home. She always dreamed of having contemporary designed bathrooms and that’s where A-List Builders began two full bathroom renovations.

Kitchen Remodel In Burbank, California By A-List Builders

In this video, we showcase Pamela Mason, a Burbank, California resident who was looking for a kitchen remodel in her condo. She always dreamed of having a contemporary designed kitchen and loved the renovation and was glad she chose A-List Builders to complete her project.

Deck Remodel in Studio City, California by A-List Builders

In this video, we showcase Chuck and Charlotte a happy couple who were looking for a deck remodel in Studio City, California. They were in dire need of a deck renovation and loved the work performed by A-Lis Builders.

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The common areas are the heart of your home. Enjoy them again with a new remodeling job, it can truly make all the difference. 

Outdoor Remodeling

Make the most of sunny Los Angeles weather while bringing family & friends together with patio, deck, and yard renovations.


Maintain a healthy home with essential maintenance and repairs to unseen areas such as foundations, plumbing, and electrical work. Get started today. 

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Decrease your carbon footprint and increase your home’s efficiency with intelligent green upgrades, that will pay for themselves in savings!

What Our Clients are Saying

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Beverly S.

Our initial meeting with Rani was excellent due to him giving us information and ideas we hadn’t thought of.  He returned a week later with a presentation for our kitchen.  Again, we were surprised at his additional ideals and his presentation.  We had previously had two of the big-box stores come out so we had an idea of cost.  Rani was more reasonable and offered us better and more creative ideas.  Our kitchen is completed and we feel we qualify for Better Homes & Gardens.  We would recommend our experience and job to everyone.

Kobi R.

It’s been years since I’ve done any work to my home so I was nervous about the whole project. Thankfully, I found a company that not only provided me with a patient ( I am very particular) and punctual contractor, Rani, but the job came out better than I expected. After doing such an amazing job on the kitchen, I expressed to Rani that I would like to do some more work with him but money, unfortunately, doesn’t grow on trees. Fortunately, Rani found an affordable way for me to redo all the bathrooms and flooring throughout the house.