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5 Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling can come with its challenges including knowing exactly how to make your dollar stretch. In this blog A-List Builder’s will help you understand how to get the most out of your kitchen remodeling budget no matter how big or small your budget may be.

Tip #1: Keep it classic!

A-list Builders Classic style kitchen

A-list Builders Classic kitchen

Everyone gets a bit excited knowing they are about to make their kitchen bold and flashy when they are embarking on a kitchen remodel so they go for eye catching colors throughout but that can be a huge mistake, especially for cabinets. It might look cool for a year or two but trends die so you’re better off keeping your look classic. If you’re really considering adding some flare to your kitchen consider using gold or chrome accents for things such as knobs and handles, it will add style that will stay in style for years to come.

Tip #2: Make Lighting a focal point.

A-List Builders Hanging Kitchen Lights

A-List Builders Hanging Kitchen Lights

Lighting can make or break a room, too bright it will annoy people, too dim and it will put people asleep so lighting is important! The lighting in your kitchen isn’t only a means of illumination, it can also be a statement piece and focal point. When choosing lighting for your kitchen consider chandeliers, sconces and pendants. These types of kitchen lighting have high impact and are easy to install or swap out in the future.


Tip #3: Choose a cabinet style that will last.  

A-List Builders Kitchen Cabinets

A-List Builders Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets should not be overlooked, the right kind of cabinet should last you decades, so stick with a design that shares modern and classic design features. Most modern style cabinets are easy to update in the future with new knobs and handles making it simple to change your cabinet style up without breaking the bank.

Tip #4: Go Bold! But in one area not all.

A-List Builder Bold Backsplash

A-List Builder Bold Backsplash

If you were waiting to find out how you were going to make your kitchen really stand out here’s the part you were waiting for. To make your kitchen eye catching and unique consider putting your “splurge budget” in the tiles of your backsplash. Your backsplash can be the statement piece of your kitchen with the right design. Also consider using your backsplash as the main color pallet for your kitchen and work in accent colors throughout to complete the look.


Tip #5: Every Kitchen Deserves Its Crown!

A-List Builders Crown Molding

A-List Builders Crown Molding

Crown Molding that is. Now here’s something that might make you raise an eyebrow, most people don’t really know how inexpensive molding can be but what it adds in regards to looks is huge for its price. Molding and valence molding can be used in several different areas of the kitchen including under your wall cabinets. Other details such as adding bun feet, corbels, and furniture toe kicks can add even more style points without breaking the wallet as well.


These were just a few good tips from the construction and design professionals at A-List Builders come back soon for more great home renovation advice!


Written by Eddy Martinez

2 comments on “5 Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen

  1. Bethany Birchridge

    Thanks for the great tip to make sure that the cabinets you chose are durable, it will save you money in the long run. My kitchen is quite old and small, so I’ve been thinking of renovating it. I’ll definitely keep these tips in mind as I plan out a new kitchen!

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