Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Garage Conversions & Additional Dwelling Units (ADU) in Los Angeles

Accessory Dwelling Units are also known as granny flats, in-law units, guest houses, cottages, and several other names. ADUs are rooms or structures that are separate from the main house, but they are still part of your entire property.

With sky high rents and skyrocketing real estate values across Southern California, and with laws and codes changing for the better, Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs) and garage conversions are becoming increasingly popular all over Los Angeles County. Whether you are looking to convert your garage, or if you’re wanting to build a separate one or two-story ADU, our expert design-build team can help with everything, from dealing with the garage conversion permit process to helping you with the final materials and finishes.

Maximize Unused Space or Property Acreage with an ADU

There are so many reasons homeowners are looking to add additional space to their property. For example, with the right zoning, you can opt for an ADU garage conversion to lease out monthly, which may help you with Los Angeles mortgage payments. Or, if your home in the hills has sprawling acreage ripe for adding a guest house or pool house, we can help you plan out a space that will immediately enhance and add value – and function – to your estate. Need a home office independent from your main house? An additional dwelling unit can be built for that purpose, making it easier than ever to keep work and your home life separate, without actually leaving your property.

Every Detail Matters in Garage Conversions for Los Angeles Homes

It’s not just as simple as deciding to throw a bed and a nightstand in your garage where your cars or storage previously was held. It’s critical you work with a professional to navigate the city’s requirements for building codes and residential permitting.

Your new ADU garage conversion is treated similarly to renovating the rest of your home for additional rooms. From HVAC and electrical, to structural assessments and compliance with fire codes, the space needs to be livable, and legal! We will help you every step of the way to make sure garage conversion permit requirements are followed while helping you create a new space that is contemporary and comfortable.

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Frequently Asked Questions About ADUs

Has one of our Los Angeles garage conversion projects caught your eye, but you want to know more about ADUs before you decide to commit? Let’s walk through a few of the FAQs that other homeowners often have about garage conversion projects and similar spaces we can develop on your property.

  • Is an ADU right for me?: There are plenty of reasons why you may want to want to consider an ADU. Perhaps you’re looking for a full-time, in-house caregiver that needs their own space near your home. Maybe you want an extra room for visiting family. Or, you’re looking to help pay your mortgage with an additional unit to rent out. Whatever the reason for pursuing a garage conversion in Los Angeles, having extra space on your property to rent or accommodate others can be a helpful (and valuable) renovation project to consider.
  • What types of ADUs are there?: An ADU garage conversion in Los Angeles makes it easy to get more out of unused space. But is it the only option? There are actually plenty of ADU projects that homeowners can pursue, whether it’s located in the interior of the house (ADUs like attics or basements make for great use of space that’s gone untouched), an extension of the house, or even a two-story ADU located somewhere else on the property. No matter what your vision entails, A-List Builders is here to guide you through every step of the process!
  • How long do they take to build (and what’s the time frame)?: Every garage conversion in Los Angeles is a bit different, so the time and cost will vary from person to person. Schedule a discovery call to discuss your property and get the conversation started!

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