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Our Story

Home Remodeling Companies: About A-List Builders

A-List Builders is a family-owned design-build firm that wants to treat you right. As one of the leading home remodeling companies serving greater Los Angeles, we’ll handle just about any job in your home from beginning to end, with minimum inconvenience to you and your family. Just leave the details to us!

Our owner and founder, Ben Marciano, has dedicated his career to understanding the process of hiring a contractor and developed a nine-point promise to our customers. The “Nine Cs” as we call them here, are the foundation of our business model and they are our promise to you:

  • Customer Satisfaction – We are committed to excellence through customer satisfaction, everything we do stems from this commitment.
  • Communication – We rely on open lines of communication throughout our entire process to discuss ideas, make plans, and establish expectations to make sure you get what you want.
  • Clarity – Clarity prevents anxiety; expect endless questions, constant parroting & in-depth explanations to ensure mutual understanding and help you make informed, educated decisions.
  • Control – We might be doing the work, but you’re still the boss. We will be here to educate, suggest, and sometimes even disagree, however; the final say is always yours.
  • Comfort – It’s your house, and you should never feel uncomfortable in your safe place; therefore you will never deal with high-pressure sales tactic or phony up-selling techniques.
  • Consistency – A stable project manager and an orderly routine ensure you’re not thrown by new faces or irregular happenings.
  • Craftsmanship – Attention to detail from the preparation to the tightening of the last screw ensures top quality results; which act as live models of our abilities.
  • Charity – We believe that everyone deserves to have a place they call home; therefore a portion of our proceeds is donated to help improve the lives of others in our community, while we help improve yours.
  • Confidence – Our confidence in our ability is not enough, we need your confidence, and that is something we are prepared to earn!

The “Nine Cs” influence our attitude, our design, our labor, our dealings with you, and our role in the community. They are the foundation of our success, and when you get to know our history, it’s clear why they are so important to us.

Ben and the A-List Builders

When Ben’s father, Jacob, arrived in America, he started helping neighbors and new friends around their homes. In the beginning, he mostly worked for free, not expecting much in return. He knew that word of his good work would spread — and he was right.

He instilled his commitment to integrity and quality into all his workers, and eventually, into his son. From the day Ben could pick up a hammer, he was helping his father work. As Ben got older, he became more than just a gofer. At 16, he was designing projects and obtaining city building permits. By 18, he was working jobs from top to bottom. Only a few short years later, he was acting foreman on multiple jobs simultaneously!

Building a Lasting Legacy

When Jacob retired in 2011, Ben decided to start A-List Builders, bringing with him the lifetime of expertise he’d gained working with his father.

Today, he is intimately involved with every aspect of his business. He designs projects, performs labor, and is usually the first voice you’ll hear whenever you call us. He takes A-List Builders’ status as an outstanding home remodeling company seriously, and always honors his commitments to his customers.

Working with Us

With a company as dedicated and compassionate as A-List Builders, designing and creating your dream home is more than a dream! Everyone from our founder to our newest team member is here to listen to your ideas, provide transparent management, and lay all your concerns to rest.

We’re proud to be among the leading home remodeling companies in Southern California. Call us to schedule a free consultation, or contact us online today!