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Windows and Doors 101

Windows and Doors 101

Most homeowners do not think much about the importance of windows and doors for their homes but did you know that your windows and doors can massively affect the look, safety, and energy efficiency of your home?

In this short tip and trend article, A-List Builders will go over the 101 of windows and doors.


Doors may not help much with energy efficiency unless the door happens to have a bottom which doesn’t quite sit flush with the floor which can let out cool or warm air you HVAC is producing. This isn’t typical but is easy to fix. What a new door can do is drastically change the way your home looks and how much safety it can bring to your home. A good door is made of high-quality wood and is equipped with heavy-duty locks… and a good handle. Once you find a door of this quality make sure you choose a door that will match the overall look of your room or home. Doors are actually not too hard to choose and install especially when you use a professional to help with the installation process.


Windows are the eyes of the home, its the way people look out into the world and who others look into your home. Windows do not only allow you to peer out into the world but it also serves as an entry and exit point for your homes overall climate. There are many types of windows now that will not only help you with heating and cooling cost but will also help with security and can also make your home look beautiful at the same time. So when you are choosing new windows for your home don’t forget to keep these things in mind when selecting.