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Complete Home Remodeling Guide for Estate Property Renovations

Complete home remodel with dining room and hallway in Torrance, CA

A complete home renovation is a dream for many homeowners. Most people wouldn’t hesitate to add more luxury and personality to their property. But larger estate and family property owners have to decide if property renovation is the right move when their home has so much history and character. And upon making that decision, how do you get started, and when is it a good idea to hire a property renovation specialist
While there will be some challenges, one thing is clear — a complete home renovation takes preparation, time, and being prepared for a surprise or two doesn’t hurt!

Elegant kitchen with light tones remodeled in a complete home renovation

Preparation is Key

Your estate property’s complete home renovation is going to be a large and demanding project, and you certainly won’t want to pick an arbitrary place in the house to start and spontaneously go from there, especially in a home rich with history. Preparation is key. Every nook and cranny in every room must be accounted for from the beginning.

Hiring experts makes the process easy from start to finish. Your team will outline their plans before the work begins, and provide a tentative schedule so you know what to expect. Because challenges are inevitable, setting a course in the beginning makes a huge difference in the long run.


Your complete home renovation is an investment, and therefore requires a budget. Remember that when you have a team of property renovation specialists by your side, you are far more likely to make the most of your money. They will guide you through every step of the process and offer expert insight into every big decision, and there will be many as you proceed. When you have professionals in your corner, their experience can be highly valuable.

Also remember to give your budget some leeway. Plans are inevitably going to change throughout the complete home renovation process and while a budget can give you a good ballpark figure, be prepared for the initial numbers to change at least once, and quite possibly more often, so be prepared to expand the budget as needed. In fact, take the original number you come up with and add 20%. This will prepare you for any additional costs.

Partial vs. Complete Renovation

You have two options when it comes to property renovation for your estate or family home: partial or complete. Remember that in an older home like an estate, the difference between a newly-renovated space and an original space will be noticeable. The solution to this dilemma would be to consider a complete home renovation, rather than a partial one.
Certain rooms like bathrooms renovate tastefully and can accurately depict original architecture in an estate or family property. It’s amazing what can be done with these beautiful properties! Working with property renovation specialist allows you find balance between the original details of your estate property, while updating to suit modern living. We at A-List Builders have experience tailoring complete home renovations to vintage styles and tastes.

Luxurious bathroom remodeled with natural stone shower and cherry wood vanity


Indoor remodels improve the functionality and livability of your home such as a renovated kitchen, bathroom, or flooring, Consider adding rooms to your estate property, which is a popular option for many property owners. 
A complete home renovation could include revamping your outdoor areas as well. Many estate property owners find that an overhaul on gutters, landscaping, and exterior walls will ultimately serve their property renovation projects well.

Outside area of a luxury Mediterranean-style estate in Los Angeles with pool

Why Use Property Renovation Specialists

When it comes to estates and family properties, you’re working with a delicate home that needs a good amount of TLC. 

When it comes to maintaining the integrity of your estate property, your renovation specialists will put forth all the care the home requires. Because of the nature of a complete home renovation and how big of a job it is, we highly recommend this practice. Our team has experience completely renovating estate homes and we enjoy giving you our best results.

Working with Your Renovation Contractors & Staff

It’s important to stay engaged in the process with your property renovation specialists. Asking questions, offering suggestions, and being involved are critical. Estate property renovations, being older and rich with history, tend to be more successful when there are fewer last-minute changes. Because your specialists will be working with older foundations and materials, a clear vision will help.

Planning Your Complete Home Renovation

Our luxury design-build experts are ready to talk to you and/or your estate manager about your goals for your property. We take care of everything from concept to completion to bring your property dreams to life. Contact us today and you’ll be in touch with one of our team members.

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