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Room Addition Inspiration

Room addition inspiration

You absolutely love everything about your home. Except for its size. Your home is certainly a nice retreat from your crazy days, but it would be nice to have a little more space to move about.

The good news? You can easily enlarge your living space with a few additions. Here’s a glimpse at some room addition ideas for small homes.

Add a Sunroom

Do you embrace the beauty of the outdoors but also enjoy the comfort of being indoors? If so, you can’t go wrong with a sunroom addition—one of the most popular room addition ideas for small homes. These additions provide the best of both worlds.

What’s great about a sunroom is that this room addition can easily enhance your home’s use. For instance, you can entertain friends and family in your new indoor-outdoor space, and unlike being outdoors, you don’t have to swat at annoying mosquitoes. 

Also, a sunroom allows for maximizing the natural light entering your home. A qualified remodeling company will make sure that your sunroom addition effortlessly blends with the remainder of your house for a seamless look from the inside out.

Add a Living Room Addition

Homeowners seeking room addition ideas for small homes will find that living room additions are a great option.

Here’s why.

Your living room is essentially your home’s centerpiece, so if you decide to add to it, you won’t just be adding to the room: You’ll be adding value to your entire home. After all, living room additions are known to dramatically increase homes’ aesthetics, value, livability, and comfort.

Another benefit of living room additions is that they give you the chance to exercise your creative freedom, as you can complete your renovation around your family’s unique lifestyle.

As soon as you’ve decided on the design elements and layout of your addition, make sure that you select the perfect paint color for your addition—one that will match your desired atmosphere. For instance, a red shade may be ideal if you’d like your living room addition to have an exciting and energizing vibe. Meanwhile, a blue shade is ideal for creating a tranquil feel.

Add a Mudroom

Although many houses feature entryways, many lack entire mudrooms. So, if you’re looking for room addition ideas for small homes, a mudroom addition just may be what your home—and your family—needs.

A mudroom addition can come in handy for keeping backpacks, shoes, and coats in one place in your home. You can simply install cubbies, lockers, cabinets, or hooks in your mudroom addition to promote the organization of these items. If you’re like many homeowners with mudrooms, you’ll quickly fall in love with the visual appeal and additional storage that your mudroom offers.

Bring Your Favorite Room Addition Ideas for Small Homes to Life Today!

If you’re desperate to make your small home look and feel bigger, now couldn’t be a better time to start your room addition.

At A-List Builders, we are excited to partner with you to turn any one of the above room addition ideas for small homes into a reality. We’ll first complete a free consultation for you. Then, we’ll sit down with you to choose the materials you’re interested in using for your remodel, as well as create a winning strategy. Then, we’ll take the necessary planning, permit, and building steps to bring your room addition vision to life.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our room addition services can help you to boost your home’s functionality, beauty, and value in no time.

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