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House Remodeling Ideas for Small Homes

Shelves and vaulted ceiling in a complete home remodel in Encino, CA

You walk into your home after a busy day at work, and as soon as the children finish bombarding you with hugs and kisses, you collapse onto the couch. 

It’s great to be home.

As much as you enjoy the cozy place you call home, deep down inside, you wish you had a little more room to breathe. Fortunately, even if your home is smaller than you’d like, creating more space isn’t a hard feat to accomplish with the right tips and tricks.

Here’s a rundown on the top five house remodeling ideas for small homes this year.

1. Embrace an Open Floor Plan

If you’re serious about expanding your interior living space, note that embracing the open floor plan concept is one of the best house remodeling ideas for small homes.

Why? Because a small house’s interior walls end up breaking up your home’s space. As a result, the home’s rooms may appear tight and thus not functional. 

This problem is especially common in kitchen and dining room areas; for example, a wall may separate your dining room and kitchen, or perhaps a wall is separating your dining room and living room. In these situations, it may behoove you to simply remove the walls to create the extra functional space your home needs. This move will additionally make your house seem brighter—an added bonus.

As you create a more open space in your home, you may also want to unify the space by installing uniform flooring. This flooring may range from tile to vinyl flooring and carpeting.

2. Consider Adding Crown Molding and Painting Your Trim

If you’re looking for house remodeling ideas for small homes, consider adding crown molding to your walls, as this will immediately make your rooms seem bigger. How? Because crown molding has a way of elongating a wall’s line and thus making your walls look taller.

In addition, you may want to paint your trim and moldings in every room if a natural wood look isn’t a major architectural element of your home. White paint is a smart choice because it works well with many wall colors due to being bright and neutral. As a result, it’s great for unifying your home’s rooms.

3. Limit Your Home’s Wall Colors

While we’re on the topic of painting, you may want to stick with white or other neutral colors for your home’s walls as well. That’s because neutral colors on your walls can make your small home look bigger. 

However, you don’t have to make all of your walls the same color. Instead, stick with a certain color and then use varying values of this hue in your home’s different rooms. For example, use a light gray in your hallways, and use a darker gray in your kitchen or dining room, where you wish to highlight the home’s architecture. Meanwhile, a mid-tone can be useful in bedrooms and bathrooms.

4. Add Skylights

Still looking for winning house remodeling ideas for small homes? Why not add a skylight to your home?

A skylight is excellent at bringing sunlight and warmth into your home. Custom skylights are an enjoyable way to make your home look larger while simultaneously adding an air of sophistication to your space.

5. Create Storage

Using cabinetry and shelving for storage in your home is another excellent way of maximizing your small home’s functional storage.

For instance, you can add recessed shelving to your walls to make every inch of your home count when it comes to having adequate storage. Recessed shelving is also great for conserving floor space.

Meanwhile, cabinets help with containing contents and keeping your home looking uncluttered. Likewise, a buffet can prove to be especially handy in your dining room, as it can provide essential storage for your linens, dishes, and glasses.

Start Implementing Today’s Top House Remodeling Ideas for Small Homes!

Outside of work, your home is likely the place where you spend the most time. For this reason, if your house is on the small side, it’s a wise idea to implement the above house remodeling ideas for small homes.

The good news? You don’t have to navigate this process alone. A-List Builders can guide you through it, from start to finish, helping you to determine which renovations will best add functionality to your living space.

Contact us today to learn more about all of your house remodeling options and get started on your first—or next—project today.

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