How to Anticipate Surprises and Avoid Remodeling Mistakes

A home remodel has the opportunity to make or break the way your home looks. A good remodel can change the course of your home forever while a bad remodel can create headaches for years to come. Avoiding costly remodeling mistakes starts when you decide to work with experts who take care of all the details for you. Read on to learn more.

Hire Experienced, Quality Experts

The number one mistake people make when doing a home remodel is trying to take a DIY approach. Unless you are a professional, you should never try to DIY a remodel on your home. Hiring professionals like A-List Builders will make the process smoother and will allow you to have the peace of mind that comes with getting a high-quality remodel on your home. 

Many people choose a remodel because of the hidden costs of new construction, but it’s important to remember there can be unexpected costs with a remodel too. A professional will have an idea of what these costs are and can put contingencies in place for them, while keeping you in the loop the entire time.

Be Clear About What You Want 

Many remodeling mistakes are easily avoidable. They can be due to a lack of communication between the professional and the client, or they can simply be mistakes that happen because you don’t know what you want. Before you even talk to a professional, you should know a basic idea of what you want to happen during the remodel. Just knowing what you want can help avoid some costly communication mistakes. That said, we understand it’s sometimes hard to know everything right out of the gate; at A-List, we’re committed to collaborating with you on your ideas from the get-go.

Stay Involved in the Process

Once you’ve hired a professional, you can generally let them do all the heavy lifting while you sit back and enjoy the way your remodel is coming along. One thing you will need to do to help avoid remodeling mistakes is to stay involved in the remodeling process. 

Understand each step of the project and check often to make sure it’s what you want to happen during the home remodel. If you do this, it can help you stay on top of the remodel and make it easier for you to catch mistakes early on. Doing this can help you avoid the hidden costs of new construction when there is a mistake you don’t catch with enough time.

Check Your Expectations 

If you have very high expectations before you talk to a professional, you may be disappointed with the information they give you. While there are some times when you can change the layout of your home completely, it’s important to remember this can be costly and may not always be an option. Keep your expectations in check especially when talking to a professional. A good company will help avoid remodeling mistakes related to your expectations by letting you know upfront what you can get from the remodel. They will be upfront about the costs, what they’re able to do and what your home will look like after they’ve completed the remodel.

Are you ready to remodel your home and make it what you’ve always dreamed of, while working with a company that will help you avoid hidden costs and mistakes throughout the entire process? Contact A-List Builders to get a consultation on your home remodeling project in Los Angeles today!

Our clients believe in us.

Here is what a few of them say.

  • Kobi R.

    It’s been years since I’ve done any work to my home so I was nervous about the whole project. Thankfully, I found a company that not only provided me with a patient ( I am very particular) and punctual contractor, Rani, but the job came out better than I expected. After doing such an amazing job on the kitchen, I expressed to Rani that I would like to do some more work with him but money, unfortunately, doesn’t grow on trees. Fortunately, Rani found an affordable way for me to redo all the bathrooms and flooring throughout the house.

  • Beverly S.

    Our initial meeting with Rani was excellent due to him giving us information and ideas we hadn’t thought of. He returned a week later with a presentation for our kitchen. Again, we were surprised at his additional ideals and his presentation. We had previously had two of the big-box stores come out so we had an idea of cost. Rani was more reasonable and offered us better and more creative ideas. Our kitchen is completed and we feel we qualify for Better Homes & Gardens. We would recommend our experience and job to everyone.

  • Warren M.

    After about a year and a half after we remodeled our bathroom, we had some minor electrical issues and reached out to A-List Builders. Ben followed up consistently and in a timely manner until my needed repair work was done.

  • Debbie W.

    Everyone was professional, nice and knowledgeable. I am so happy with their work and I will be using them again for my next project. In addition, I will be referring them (which I don't do unless I completely trust a job well done) to my family and friends. Thank you, again, for such a positive experience.

  • Deborah B.

    I hired A-List for a large restoration project. The project involved wall replacement with framing & drywall, stucco, exterior & interior painting, foundation reinforcement, a new exterior gate, fence repair, brick & tile walkways. Ben was the only contractor I interviewed who recommended that an engineer inspect the foundation as part of the evaluation process. Megan cheerfully worked through the process with my insurance company. All of the on-site workers were a pleasure to work with. They arrived early, were professional, & kept the work-site clean & organized...even the city inspector commented positively about A-List's knowledge & organization. A-List Builders did a great job & their follow-up was excellent.

  • Lou D.

    Like so many people in LA we bought a fixer upper. Over the last 5 years we have searched intently for a contractor we could trust. Never has a contractor come on our property that affected us the way Ben and Megan from A-List Builders have. They immediately understood our needs and made brilliant suggestions. They answered every question, every call, and it was such a difference dealing with them than any company we've ever hired before. They did not waste a minute of our time, nor did they try to get us to do more than we wanted. Their pricing is more than fair. They are so good at what they do and completely trustworthy and make hard things much easier. There actually IS a really good General Contractor out there and a company that does all that it promises and more.

  • Anonymous

    I used A-List Builders for my Bathroom Remodel and my bathroom is more beautiful now than I could have ever imagined...I met with Ben who gave me a free estimate for the job and knew right away that A-List Builders was the company I was going to use for the job. Their estimate was fair, and their communication throughout the entire process was fantastic. I always knew there was going to be someone else on the other line if I needed to get a hold of them for any reason. Their workers were true pros that did an immaculate job, excellent craftmanship and very good at keeping the renovation area very clean. I absolutely love my new bathroom and have already recommended them to two of my friends. Truly a great experience!

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