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How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

Working on interior design and renovation can create the most remarkable bathrooms with some minimal, carefully curated changes. From attentively selected light fixtures and accessories to simple changes in color palettes, there are a number of bathroom upgrade ideas that can transform a space and make it feel luxurious and breathable.

At A-List Builders, we’ve worked on tons of bathroom renovations and would love to assist you with expert advice. If you want to learn more about luxury bathroom design, read on here for tips from our experienced team on how to make your bathroom feel like a spa.

1. Discover the Right Color Scheme

Discover Right Color Scheme

What is most soothing about the spas you’ve visited in hotels and beauty salons? Usually it’s their color palettes and how they create a sense of space in their various rooms. If you’re looking for the top bathroom color upgrade ideas, you’ll want to lean more towards light blues, warm whites and creams, and cool greys. These colors lend a refreshing, clean feeling to your space.

Beware of choosing colors that are too sterile, like bright whites and mint greens. Window sill trims and crown molding in complementary colors can help offset any hues that are too cold. If you’re not sure where to find color and trim samples, the team at A-List Builders can help! Reach out to learn more.

2. Choosing the Perfect Lighting

Perfect Lightning

Like your color palette, warm lighting is best here. You can also work with an experienced contracting team, like A-List Builders, to install dimmable lights for extra control over your space. Dim lights are an essential aspect of luxury bathroom design, allowing you to invite warm tones and colors into the space.

You may also want to consider different types of wall sconces, pendant lights, and vanity lights to create a cohesive environment. Antiqued metal fixtures look great with warm tones and bring an artisan vibe into your bathroom. Get bathroom upgrade ideas for your own lighting when you browse our portfolio online!

3. Must Have Spa Accessories

There are tons of little things that can really transform your space, including unique bathtubs and custom shower fixtures and faucets. You may want to upgrade everything to focus in on a spa-like ambiance. Adding thematic accessories to your bathroom space is key to creating an environment you can relax in and gives you a direction where you can express your stylistic preferences. Whether you like seashells and bronze ocean creatures or a tropical rainforest aura, these are important details to work into your bathroom upgrade ideas.

4. Budget Changes

Not every bathroom renovation requires you to spend a ton of money. You can update small pieces of your bathroom one by one to slowly build up to the perfect spa. Change out your faucets and shower heads for more elegant pieces, or consider getting a rain showerhead with adjustable settings. Just changing out your bath products for soaps with herbal hints like lavender and eucalyptus can also have a substantial effect.

Work with the Best

If you’ve been wondering how to make your bathroom feel more like a spa, we hope this list has enough bathroom upgrade ideas to get you started. Our team at A-List Builders knows all about bathroom remodels and renovations, so these are the top tips that all of our clients really appreciate. We can also provide more specific advice for your space once we see what you have to work with.

When you’re ready to start your own spa renovation, reach out to us today for a free one hour consultation that can help you map out a plan that works for your bathroom and your budget.

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