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8 Luxury Home Upgrades That Increase Value

Luxury master suite remodel with hardwood floors

If you have been searching for luxury home upgrades that add value to your home, look no further. Although, there are many kinds of upgrades that can be done to any property to add value, we’ve put together eight luxury upgrades that are sure to put you and your property ahead of the pack.

Energy Consumption Is Passe

Modern trends are leaning more and more towards eco-friendly, energy-efficient upgrades. Everyone is looking to save on utilities. Modifying your house to be more environmentally friendly, or “green,” is a luxury home upgrade that adds immediate value to your home. Consider solar panels for electricity to add extra value to your home. Consider replacing aged windows and entryways with eco-friendly windows and doors to save on heating and cooling. Drought-tolerant landscaping is another functional way to make your yard look gorgeous and perform efficiently.

Luxury home upgrade solar paneling on roof

Make Your Home “Smart”

Converting your home to a “smart” home is not just a fad, it is the way of the future. This forward-thinking investment will definitely impact you home’s value moving forward. Being able to control lighting, heating/cooling, and security features with the ease of a mobile device is a clever luxury home upgrade. The ability to zone conditioned air using a “smart” thermostat is another positive selling point for the new homebuyer.

More Space = More Money

Is there such a thing as too much space? Not for the modern-day family. Current and potential homeowners place a high value on plenty of space. Adding an addition to your home is an excellent way to add more worth to your property. Even adding a 1000 sq.ft. bedroom is a luxury home upgrade that will have an enormous impact.

The Basement Isn’t Just For Storage Anymore

Maybe you want to work with what you already have. Make your home worth more by finishing the basement. You can easily make this room the coolest in the house; temperature wise or with a game room. Hiring a professional design and remodel company to make this space luxuriously livable can recoup around 70% of it’s costs at the time of resale. 

Extend Your Luxury Living To The Outdoors

Turn your outdoors into your own private entertaining venue or spa oasis. Your luxury home upgrades do not have to end where your interior living space does. A custom patio is an excellent way to extend your living room to the outdoors. Deck remodels are a fantastic way to add excellent craftsmanship to your inviting outdoor area. Incorporating a pool or hot tub into the mix are home upgrades that are sure to add value. Don’t forget the landscaping and hardscaping to turn your yard into that oasis you’ve been dreaming about.

Patio design home upgrade that adds value

Open It Up

No one likes to feel closed in, so start thinking about luxurious open-floor design concepts. Maximizing a home’s interior is a luxury home upgrade that will add long lasting value to your property. Don’t go grabbing your sledgehammer yet. Load-bearing walls need to be kept in mind so as not to compromise your structure’s integrity. A-List Builders has got you covered and will alleviate any guesswork for you. 

Don’t Forget To Look Down

One home upgrade that adds value, is right under your feet. Long gone are the days of wall to wall carpeting. A necessary luxury home upgrade is trading worn carpet out for gorgeous, functional, flooring. Not only does carpet trap bacteria, dirt, and odor, but it stains easily. Giving your floor a luxurious facelift is a great way to make any room stand out.  Customize a floor’s stain or finish to change the ambience while adding dollar signs.  

What’s On The Outside Counts

First impressions are made at first sight, and are often based upon a structure’s outside aesthetics. Remodeling the exterior wall covering is a luxury home upgrade that will transform the appearance of your home, instantly. Nothing will turn heads faster than a stunning exterior. A-List Builders will ensure the correct coating is used for your home’s unique exterior surface. 
Whether your architectural plans are ready to go or you are looking for a custom design by knowledgeable professionals, contact our full-service home renovators to handle all your remodeling needs, so you don’t have to.

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