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Making the Most of Your Side Yard

Floral landscaping design with flowers, grass, and brick

In some parts of Los Angeles, there’s plenty of room along the side of your home either in the form of a side lawn or a walkway. It’s easy to forget that you can also make this space just as beautiful as your front or back yard.  You can increase the visual appeal, overall value, and aesthetic of your home by optimizing this space better. 

Our expert landscaping and hardscaping services can help! Read on how to make the most of your side yard this year with our favorite side yard landscaping ideas.

Your Side Yard Design Options

If you’re looking for low-maintenance side yard ideas, you have a few alluring options. First, you could choose to install a pathway or walkway without planting any flower beds on the side of your yard.

Your second option? You could install both a walkway and plants on the side of your home if there’s enough room for both. Ideally, you should border your walkway with plants on both sides.

If you’re seeking side yard landscaping ideas, your third option is not to include pavers but still include plants on the side of the yard. In this situation, you’ll simply need to leave enough room for yourself to move relatively freely among the plants.

Walkway and Plants

If you plan to use the side of your yard rather frequently, installing a walkway is a wise move. Ideally, you should install one with a surface that won’t pose a tripping hazard for you. As an example, flagstone walkways provide nice, even surfaces. 

Let’s take a look at a couple of low-maintenance side yard ideas involving pavers and plants.

Symmetrical Appearance 

For a nice effect with pavers, consider installing two straight lines of pavers side by side for a head-turning symmetrical style. Then, you can line your pavers with flowers to make your side yard even more aesthetically pleasing.

Organic Shape

Another walkway option for those looking for side yard landscaping ideas is to create a path with an organic, original shape. This will immediately add character to your side yard. If you flank it with grasses or trees, this will offer your visitors a welcome sense of procession and grandeur.

Then, if you place a waterfall or pond at the end of the path, this will make the yard feel even more like the ultra nature lover’s getaway. Feel free to also place a bench or a small table along the path if you have enough space to do so as well.

These are excellent small side yard patio ideas that will give you a spot in your yard where you can hide out, enjoy quiet moments, and take in the beautiful sights from one season to the next.

Implement the Top Side Yard Landscaping Ideas Today!

If you’re interested in giving your home curb appeal, it only makes sense to pay just as much attention to the side of your yard as you do the front. Fortunately, with the above side yard landscaping ideas, you can easily transform the side of your yard into a retreat area you’ll never forget.

Get in touch with us at A-List Builders to learn how we can bring your small side yard patio ideas to fruition.

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