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Avoid These 5 Common Renovation Mistakes

Whether you are a first-time buyer, an investor, or a long time homeowner, bad home renovations can really put a kink in your plans. Giving your home a facelift can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Maybe you are renovating to create your “forever” home or maybe you have the intent to sell again. Either way, a renovation gone wrong will undoubtedly derail your plans and could land you in some hot water. 

To keep you from pulling your hair out, we at A-List Builders have put together some common renovation mistakes to avoid, that will increase your home’s overall resale value.

No License? No Bonding? No Insurance? No Way!

Let’s face it – you get what you pay for. Sometimes settling on the lowest bid is not the best choice and may lead to a bad home renovation by under qualified contractors. Chances are, the quoted price will be easier on your wallet initially, but may come with a hefty price tag later when you’re trying to sell and have to pay (again) for shoddy workmanship. There is no substitute for good professional help with design and construction to prevent renovation mistakes. You will find that hiring a properly licensed, bonded, and insured company for your renovations will be worth every dollar.

Woman upset with bad home renovation

Make Your Renovation Profitable

A renovation may be planned or it may be forced, due to a busted plumbing pipe or structural issue. Either way, keeping the future sale of your house in mind, when renovating, is always a good idea. When done properly, there are certain renovations that will have a stronger return on investment, which is always a bonus. Deciding on renovations that don’t support the local market is never recommended and can lead to renovation mistakes that will be hard to fix. Updating a kitchen or bathroom is never a bad idea and can usually be profitable in the end. Room additions are a fantastic way to increase your square footage, adding that extra space everyone needs. 

Hire An Unbiased Eye

Lavish upgrades that stand out like a sore thumb with the surrounding environment will not work to your favor and is a mistake that should be avoided. On most residential blocks, more bling does not equal more cha-ching, and may be one of the many renovation mistakes to avoid. Quirky home customizations are not always appreciated by the masses and place high on the list of bad home renovations. 

Just because your house is worth considerably more than the surrounding majority, does not mean you will get more than the average market value when you go to sell. It is always a great idea to hire an unbiased, professional eye for an in-home consultation to decide on a strategy.

Saving Energy Is Always Trending

Who doesn’t love to save money? Installing energy efficient upgrades is the way of the future. You cannot go wrong with investing in solar panels, or a drought tolerant landscape for the yard. Renovation mistakes include inefficiency. Don’t forget that replacing original windows with eco-friendly windows is a great way to save more on utility bills. Saving energy is never a bad home renovation decision and will be lucrative in the end. 

Don’t Forget About The Outdoors

In Los Angeles, it’s crucial to consider how indoor-outdoor living spaces enhance the appeal and functionality of your property. By improving your yard and outdoor ambience, you can boost your home’s value and better enjoy your entire square footage. 
An enclosed or exterior patio is a great way to add extra recreational space to your house. It will never be a renovation mistake to create a place for enjoying cookouts and parties with family and friends. Having an outdoor deck installed is a great way to get a little fancy with your upgrade design. Consider a hot tub or fire pit to enjoy Southern California’s night-time weather year-round, as well.

Renovated pool backyard villa

Be Smart About Who You Hire

Besides costing you an obscene amount of money, a bad home renovation can cause great distress in your life. Make sure you are avoiding common renovation mistakes and that you are only increasing your home’s value, not diminishing. 
Ready to take your renovation ideas to the next level? Contact A-List Builders today for your no cost, no obligation, in-home consultation.

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