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What are the Differences Between an Architect, Engineer, and Designer?

architecture drawing

Figuring out the difference between an architect and an engineer is an important step in the remodeling process. Knowing what each one does and how they can help transform your home will allow you to have the most successful home remodel possible. Learn key differences from our experts at A-List Builders so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

Consider the Extent of Your Home Remodel

Do you have an idea for how you want to remodel your home? Some people may want a simple remodel with cosmetic updates or changes to the way the house looks. Others may want a more complicated remodel that involves moving walls or changing the layout of the home completely. 

After determining the initial vision and working to understand what you have in mind, this step is easy. Once you’ve determined what you want to do to your home, you can then learn the differences between an architect and engineer and make your choice.

What an Architect Does

Are you wondering how to choose an architect for the remodel? Learn about what they do first to help you make the most informed decision!

An architect typically focuses on the design aspects of a home remodel, producing the framework elements that will help your home look and feel the way you want it to. Architects are well-versed in design, style, and ways to make your home look better. They are professionals who understand the way different features of a home function and can help you determine the best style for your remodel. An architect’s detailed plans can help you understand the different zoning parameters for each part of your home and help map out a course of action for contractors to follow throughout the project.

While an architect does focus mostly on the framework of a building or a remodel, they also understand the way design features work. An architect can design a building and determine whether it will be functional depending on different building materials and grades of the building. In these cases, it’s less important to recognize the differences between an architect and an engineer since the architect can help you with the functionality of your design.

What an Engineer Does

Unlike an architect, an engineer can help you find what will work for the functionality and structure of your home. Engineers are less focused on aesthetics and more on what they can make certain home features do. They are better able to determine the way a remodel can affect your home in the long term.

There are major differences between an architect and an engineer, but their capabilities sometimes overlap. Even though engineers are not design-focused like architects, they will still likely do what they can to make the home look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. 

Architecture Draw

What a Designer Does

Typically, hiring an architect is a great way to get your remodel started. Once you’ve figured out how to choose an architect for your remodel, they can help you determine which layout will look and work best for your home. They may also be able to help you figure out which remodeling options are going to look good and last for a long time. 

A designer may be able to do similar things to an architect and an engineer. A designer may be able to do more than both of these specialties or may be able to take elements from each thought process and help your home remodel come together easier.

Designers often work alongside architects and engineers throughout the project. They can completely manage a project and help you communicate with the professionals who will be doing your remodel. A designer may also be able to help you with the aesthetics of your home after the functionality portion of your remodel is completed. A good designer will be able to help you with decor and other aspects of your home, should you desire that kind of help.

Learning about the differences between an architect and engineer is only one small step in the remodeling process! We have professionals who can help you make your house remodeling vision a reality, from start to finish and beyond. Contact us for your Los Angeles home remodeling consultation today.

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